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Fantastic spanking films

18 year old Masie Dee, star of Game of Thrones, now receives the very first caning of her life. Acting the role of an 18 year old petulant and rude schoolgirl she faces the Headmaster for a spanking, paddling and then the ultimate penalty!

Game of Thrones star Masie Dee's very first caning in this new photo story.

Fantastic spanking films

Smoking in the classroom during break is not the most sensible idea the young 18 year old Beverley has had. Found by Miss Julia Pink she is now soundly spanked on her bare bottom to pay for her stupidity. A naughty schoolgirl well-spanked by Miss Julia Pink for smoking in class

A naughty schoolgirl well-spanked by Miss Julia Pink for smoking in class in this new video.


Fantastic spanking films

The Master continues to be entertained by his young slaves, Summer and Lee, in the manner to which he has become accustomed, with young brunette Lee now getting her beautiful bare bottom spanked as her reward.

A lovely duo of slaves in this photo-story


Fantastic spanking films

Game of Thrones actress Masie Dee stars in this film of a disobedient 18 year old cheerleader who has disgraced herself and her team with her bad behaviour at a tournament. The team's chariman now shows young Masie the error of her ways with a hearty hand spanking and then a dose of his large gym shoe onto her naked bottom.

A well chastised cheerleader spanking for Masie Dee


Fantastic spanking films

18 year old Masie Dee has let down her her cheerleader squad by her bad behaviour during a tournament. The Chairman of the committee now takes young Masie 'in hand' to remind her to improve her demeanor.

A welcome return for 'Game of Thrones' actress Masie Dee in this great photo-story

Fantastic spanking films

Rachel comes home late. Her husband suspects that she has been flirting and so proceeds to spank her with his hard hand before delivering her a blistered behind with his trusty plimpsoll.

A hot bottom domestic discipline spanking movie

Fantastic spanking films

19 y/o student Susan James thinks that the rules on lateness in the college dorm house don't apply to her. The dorm housemaster soon shows the error of that view by using his hard hand to impress on her vulnerable bottom his 'stamp' of authority!

Susan James feels his hard hand in this exciting spanking photo-story

Fantastic spanking films

Gillian wears her new sexy underwear and decides that as her husband is late she will start without him! Her husband catches her writhing on the bed and she soon is made to realise her big mistake as he bares her pert derrière and turns it as red as her new negligee with his hard hand.

A red-hot domestic discipline spanking movie

Fantastic spanking films

The Master is entertained by his young slaves, Summer and Lee, in the manner to which he has become accustomed, with blonde Summer getting her beautiful bare bottom spanked as her reward.

A lovely duo of slaves in this photo-story

Fantastic spanking films

18 year old schoolgirl Misty now has to see her Housemaster for evening punishment. She is spanked, slippered then finally receives his yard ruler across her well-punished bare bottom.

A great tear jerking schoolgirl punishment film.

Fantastic spanking films

Susan needs to be kept in line and her husband is more that willing to do this for her. Making her dress in a revealing microskirt she then has her pert bottom dealt with in the appropriate manner by his hand, strap and cane

A revealing insight into domestic discipline in this great photo-story

Fantastic spanking films

18 year old 6th Form private boarding schoolgirl Ashley now faces her Housemaster to pay for her transgressions. His expert use of his hard hand, slipper, tawse and cane leaves young Ashley regretting her rash actions.

18 year old ashley gets her bottom well and truly punished in our new film.

Fantastic spanking films

18 y/o Susan now realises that her punishment the night before was only a foretaste of what is to come! Her bottom is bared and the dreaded hairbrush is applied until she is truly repentant.

A superb teen punishment photo story

Fantastic spanking films

18 year old 6th former Anastasia now feels the full wrath of the Headmaster when she is in detention yet again. She gets the tawsae on both her hands and then her bare bottom and then 24 stokes of his whippiest cane onto her naked nates.

A very hot and repentant bottom for Anastasia in this red-hot punishment film

Fantastic spanking films

Amelia has been a right bitch at the school reunion party, flirting with the other male ex-pupils, being catty with the girls and thouroughly deserving of the bare bottom spanking followed by the nude caning she is now getting from her husband!

A very sore bottom for Amelia Jane Rutherford in this great punishment photo-story

Fantastic spanking films

Susan James drives home drunk from a fancy dress party wearing her Japanese schoolgirl Manga costume. For this offence she is spanked as red as her skirt before being sent to bed! Next morning she ithen gets a strong dose of his hairbrush until she is truly sorry for her sins

Two red hot spanking sessions for this naughty Japanese schoolgirl in our new movie

Fantastic spanking films

Susan James drives home drunk from a fancy dress party wearing her Japanese schoolgirl Manga costume. She soon is made to understand this was not acceptable behaviour as her frilly panties are lowered and her bare bottom is spanked as red as her skirt!

A red hot bottom for Japanese schoolgirl Susan James in this great photo-story

Lucy needs discipline in her life and her boyfriend provides it for her. There is nothing nicer in his opinion than in giving Lucy a hot sore bare bottom with her dressesed as a naughty Japanese schoolgirl. The spanking can make them both so aroused it can lead to very pleasant unexpected benefits!

A hot bottom for Japanese schoolgirl dressed Lucy in this spanking film.

Anastasia is in trouble again for sneaking out of the house on the pretext of going to see a friend when she really went to a sleazy nightclub where she was seen wearing tiny hotpants and getting too 'friendly' with one of the male customers! Severe retribution is carried out onto her bare bottom by her partner when she gets home!

It's really hot pants for Anastasia when she gets home in this great photostory


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