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Affiliate Commission Payments

Solution To encourage affiliates to sell as many memberships as possible and earn up to 70% net income, from 1st July 2011 all new affiliates will be enrolled onto the following commission payments framework:
  1. For sales between $0.00 and $100.00 per month 30% net income
  2. For sales between $100.01 and $200.00 per month 40% net income
  3. For sales between $300.01 and $400.00 per month 50% net income
  4. For sales between $400.01 and $500.00 per month 60% net income
  5. For all sales over $500 per month 70% net income
All existing affiliates will remain on their existing terms but may request to be transferred from the existing scheme to the new scheme at any time.

Any transfer to the new scheme will be permanent.

From 1st July 2011 all ccBill fees will be paid as net income. This means ccBill's processing fees will be split between the affiliate and the site owners. This will affect all new affiates.

Sound Punishment reserve the right to vary the commission payment terms at any time. Only the commission terms displayed on this help system page are valid.

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