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Up to 70% Commission on ALL sales and ALL rebills
- the more you sell the higher % we pay!

No time limits

Unfortunately, due to an increase in credit card fraud and attempts at money laundering using our ccBill affiliate programme, causing us charge-backs and cancelled subscriptions, we now insist that all potential affiliates submit the following information via our helpdesk before they can be approved to become an affiliate.

  • Name of affiliate (your true name as appears on any cheque paid to you)
  • Your email address
  • A contact telephone number
  • URL of the page(s) you will be advertising Sound Punishment on.
  • Your traffic stats (hits per day etc.)
  • Your marketing strategy regarding using our FHGs etc. We want active marketers making money for themselves and for us. Any affiliate that does not send at least one sale in a 3-month period may be suspended.
  • You will read and fully accept the terms our Affiliate Rules regarding use of our promotional material

If we approve your application we will send you a link to our affiliate sign-up page and FHGs.

We will check to see if your site is valid and, after you have been approved, that you have placed correct links to Sound Punishment within 24 hours of your affiliate application being accepted.

We will cancel any suspicious sales from an affiliate and report them to ccBill if we suspect any fraudulent activity.

Affiliates which cause us to incur excessive charge-backs will have their affiliate status reviewed.


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