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Amelai Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound PunishmentPandora Blake has been using her company's computer to write hard-core spanking pornography stories. The company's IT Compliance Manager decides to offer her a painful alternative to instant dismissal. He visits her at home and she decides that being stripped almost naked and paddled severely on her pert cheeks better than having to find another job in this harsh economic climate.

Pandora' Blakes soft buttocks get paddled purple in this great new spanking movie

Amelai Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound PunishmentMrs McGregor, the School Nurse at St. Smackems is not a woman to be trifled with. This dour Scot knows how to deal with recalcitrant and obstreperous young ladies. 18 year old Kali Redmond falls foul of Mrs McGregor when she has her health inspection and argues with this formidable lady! A bare bottom hand spanking is the least of her worries as Mrs McGregor goes on to strap her hands with a tawse and then takes this painful instrument of Scottish correction to Kali's naked bottom.

Kali gets a real Scots 'skelping' in this original spanking film.

Amelai Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound PunishmentYoung 18 year old sixth former Masie Dee would have got away with just a hand spanking after being told to see the Headmaster.

But her blatant disregard for school rules earns her the dreaded third demerit, and this means the paddle will be applied vigorously to her naked bare bottom.

Amelia Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound Punishment18 year old Amelia Jane Rutherford joins her new school after being 'sent down' by her posh private school. She has not read the school rules and so falls foul of her housemaster when he holds her interview and uniform inspection. Her diaphanous non-regulation panties earn her a prolonged over the knee spanking followed by a severe tawsing on her bare bottom.


Amelai Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound Punishment18 year old Pandora Blake has to report to her housemaster for her Latin vocab test. It is soon obvious she has not revised sufficiently for it and so her housemaster takes his hand and yard rule to her soft pink bottom whilst he coaches her on the correct pronunciation.


Amelai Jane Rutherford whipped nudeJoin Sound PunishmentAmelia Jane Rutherford has been a spoilt brat all year. She lets down her husband by getting drunk on Christmas Eve when she was supposed to be the dedicated driver for the night. He decides enough is enough and she is spanked, slippered, paddled and finally whipped naked. This beautiful 6ft siren bares all for your delight.


Lena spanked in pyjamasJoin Sound PunishmentLena Smith has been caught delving in his precious collection of LPs again. She was warned that if she repeated the offence this would lead to retribution.

She now finds herself bent over his knees for a bum-reddening spanking on her PJs before he takes them down and blisters her bottom with his M&S slipper!


Kali gets her first caningJoin Sound PunishmentKali Redmond has produced for us a highly erotic spanking film.
Presenting herself as an obedient 'slave' she is to receive a severe punishment from the Punishment Master. She is stripped naked and presents her bare bottom for a thrashing with the tawse. Kali then genuinely receives the very first caning of her young life. Watch as she tries to absorb and assimilate the unique and firey pain the cane delivers as the welts appear on her buttocks and her pussy lips swell as the pain stimulates her.


lena gets her very first spanking on filmJoin Sound PunishmentLena Smith has never before appeared in a spanking movie, we are glad to rectify that sad ommission. Having failed to tidy up her bedroom, 18 year old six-form schoolgirl Lena gets a most effective and severe spanking on her bare bottom. Her soft buttocks are left firey red and sore after this punishment.

Dani Loveday thrashedJoin Sound PunishmentDani Loveday arrives reluctantly at the Headmaster's house. She is to be punished severely for her transgressions and faces being tawsed and caned on her bare bottom. To her horror the Headmaster decides to round off her her disciplinary education by using an Irish ferula on her hands and bottom.

Join Sound PunishmentMasie gets her bottom spankedMasie Dee is a right handfull. She talks back to her elders and really is handfull of trouble for her poor guardian. He finally has had enough and this young lady is stripped naked and soundly spanked on pert bottom.

pandora blake spankedJoin Sound PunishmentPandora Blake has lost her Mentor’s gift, an expensive Mason Pearson hairbrush, a family heirloom. He decides that she must be punished in kind and so tries out several implements including a sorority paddle and large wooden brush before settling on a prolonged bare bottom spanking with a very stingy plastic hairbrush that leaves her squealing in pain.


Join Sound PunishmentKali Redmond, the young thief from Scotland waits until the houseowner leaves then breaks in to his house to ransack it. He unexpectedly returns and catches her in the act. He is determined that justice will prevail and meest out hsi own brand of punishment for her crime. She is spanked, paddled and finally tawsed severely on her bare bottom, her kilt raised in surrender!

naughty maid punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentWe had such a good response for our photo-story of young Kali Redmond, the lazy maid that was severely punished, that we have decided that you should see the film as soon as possible. Kali is given one of the hardest hand spankings we have done which turns her poor cheeks scarlet followed by a particularly nasty hairbrush onto her naked bottom. Being a Scot we decided that she should then get a severe dose of the Scottish 3-tail tawse on her bare buttocks, making her knees buckle.

naughty nikkis precationary punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentDani Loveday is one of those girls that just cannot understand that when you are in a hole you should stop digging. Sent for detention she thinks she can be as cheeky and disrespectful to the disciplinarian as she is to her normal teachers. She finds his hard and and swift cane a shock she will remember for a long time.....or at least until until the weals on her buttocks fade!


naughty nikkis precationary punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentLucy Baxter just can't accept that whilst she is at school, even though she is a 18 year old sixth-former, that she must obey the rule and must not be insolent to her teachers. It results in her getting a bare bottom hand spanking, a sound leather paddling and a painful dose of the cane to remind her of her reponsibilities.


naughty nikkis precationary punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentKali Redmond likes to sleep in late, but this is not advisable when you have to get up for school and the man in the house is a strict martinet for ensuring young ladies in his care get a good education. Her tender cheeks get spanked then blistered with her hairbrush.

naughty nikkis precationary punishment

Join Sound PunishmentMasie Dee is a rebel. She has a temper to rival anyones and a mouth that can drag itself into the gutter as well as any fish-wifes. But now her time has come and she has met her match. She is taken over the gentlemans' knee and soundly spanked, then she strips off before receiving a second and prolonged spanking.


naughty nikkis precationary punishment

Join Sound PunishmentNaughty Nikki Blake, she never learns. So when this 18 year old is caught about to go out on the town without a bra and with her tartiest panties on she discovers to her horror that she is to be given a caning just to show her what she can expect if she returns home drunk!


Annie punished in her army uniformJoin Sound PunishmentThis is one of our most ambitious spanking films to date. The gorgeous Niki Flynn wanted us to film one of her favourite fantacies - that of her being a secretary working for a tolerant boss but daydreaming that she was working for a tyrant who uses severe corporal punishment to get what he wants from her! Niki was delighted with the outcome.


Annie punished in her army uniformJoin Sound PunishmentEmma Brown is a thief. She has been cuaght shoplifting by a local shopkeeper and she now faces the wrath of her guardian. He decides that this 18 year old needs an exemplary punishment, one that will make her mend her ways. She is spanked, tawsed on her thieving hands and then suffers the indignity of having her pert bare bottom soundly caned.

Annie punished in her army uniformJoin Sound PunishmentIt is a lesson in life that even the more mature of ladies need reminding of their responsibilities by the application of a painful implement to their bare bottoms. Annie McGregor is no exception and this stable manageress receives a sound spanking then a cropping with a riding crop over tight jodphurs before taking her Army Cadet class. Returning in her Army uniform she is then soundly spanked on her bare bottom before receiving many painful strokes of the riding crop on her bare nates.


niki flynn punished as a cheerleaderJoin Sound PunishmentNiki Flynn, the super fit and lithe American brat, is now brought down to earth by being spanked and paddled on her beautiful bare bottom. She gets tghis punishment for not doing her cheerleader exercises whilst on a school exchange visit to our shores. This footage is unique as Nuki has never before been seen on film being spanked in cheerleader uniform.


misty is measured for her punishmentJoin Sound Punishment 18 year old Lucy Baxter gets caught smoking at the bottom of the playing fields by an eagle-eyed teacher.

Her housemaster is told and she now faces his wrath. Her tiny bare bottom is spanked and then blistered with his trusty gym shoe.


misty is measured for her punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentYoung Emma Brown has a problem, she just can't come out and tell her partner that she needs a sound spanking. So she has to annoy him until she gets what she wants.

Her partner knows exactly what to do and so he delivers a sound bare bottom handspanking before blistering her pert behind with his extra-stingy leather paddle.


misty is measured for her punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentDani Loveday is one of those ladies that needs taking in hand on a regular basis. Her need for a good thrashing makes her increasingly irritable and disobedient until her poor husband is forced to deal with her in the only way he knows will fulfill her need.

A sound over the knee spanking leads on to her being stripped naked and made to kneel on the table, her sex fully exposed, for a humiliating and prolonged thrashing with a stiff leather paddle.

misty is measured for her punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentEmma Brown is one of the most popular spanking models on the UK spanking scene. She is a willing participant at UK spanking parties and a self-confessed glutton for punishment!. We therefore could not resist interviewing young Emma for her spanking debut with Sound Punishment - in the only way we know how! Emma loves to be spanked and OTK is her favourite position as she likes the close contact with the spanker and loves the feel of his hands on her hot bottom.
She is bright bubbly and intelligent and her role-play as a naughty schoolgirl is a joy to behold. Here she is interviewed and then soundly spanked for your delight and pleasure .... and hers!

misty is measured for her punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentPretty petite blonde 18 year old Misty Mellows finds that her petulance and answering back when she is detention costs her hands and bottom dear! Mr Stern takes an old wooden yard rule to Misty's hands and bottom before finishing her off with a totally humiliating diaper-position slippering on his desk.

sexy secret santa spanked scarletJoin Sound PunishmentWhen the master of the house is disturbed on Christmas Eve by strange noises in his living room he investigates and finds a red-costumed figure going through his cupboards! Needless to say Dani Loveday's protestations of being the Secret Sexy Santa are not believed and he dishes out a spanking that leaves her bottom matching her costume. She then offers to show him how she got into the house and stands by the fireplace, removing her panties for even more spanking .... and then it happens! Now he believes again in the magic of Christmas!

PA punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentRachel Thomas thinks that the world owes her a living and that her boss has no right to tell her what to wear in the office. He soon dispels that myth by giving her a choice, her P45 or a red bottom! In this film he sends her home to change her clothes then, upon her return, he thoroughly reddens her pert spankable bare bottom.

sexy japanese schoolgirl uniform spankingJoin Sound PunishmentLucy Baxter thinks she can do what she likes but her partner Adrian soon shows her who's boss in his household. Lucy is made to strip and change into a Japanese schoolgirl outfit before bending over his knees to receive a red hot bottom blistering spanking on her pert bare cheeks. Adrian then demands that she show her subservience to him by other means!


sexy japanese schoolgirl uniform spankingJoin Sound PunishmentCraig comes home from his motorcycle ride to find his petite wife wanted a 'ride' of her own . She has decided to perk up Craig's cylinders by wearing her new Japanese schoolgirl uniform and she flaunts herself before him - showing her cute white pantied bottom. Craig takes her over his knee and gives her what she has been wanting - a very red bottom before stripping her naked and bending her over the bed for the 'reward' Rachel Clark loves to get!


PA PunishmentJoin Sound PunishmentYoung Rachel Thomas thinks that being a PA is a doddle, until she finds her boss taking an interest in her dress and demeanour. Then she finds that PA can sometimes mean a pink arse!


interview with a spanking coupleJoin Sound PunishmentAshlea O'Connor and Jason are a loving couple who, despite their age difference, enjoy a really close relationship based on Jason baring Ashlea's delightful bottom and spanking her soundly whenever he, or she, feels the need arises. In this film they describe their spanking relationship and then Jason demonstrates how much Ashlea enjoys having her bare bottom soundly spanked red!


pole dancing punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentWhen Misty Mellows works as a pole-dancer at the Bottoms Up Club she never thought that those words would apply to her! She is soundly spanked after showing her boss that she has made no effort to learn to pole dance and has been wasting his time and money. He wastes no time at all in turning her bottom red and sore!


the housemaster

Join Sound PunishmentSlovenliness, laziness, dishonesty. If anything can raise the anger of a housemaster in a girls boarding school it is these heinous sins. Poor 18 year old Ashlea O'Connor now feels the full weight of scholastic discipline as she is spanked, tawsed on the hand and her bare bottom before receiving a sound caning on her hot posterior.


school reunions can be painful

Join Sound PunishmentAnnie McGregor comes home from a school reunion fancy dress party a little worse for wear! Her school gymslip gives her husband an idea of how to deal with and she gets a sound spanking and strapping which he tops off with a severe caning on her bare bottom!


board of educationJoin Sound PunishmentRachel Clark was never the best of mature pupils but she mets her match with this man. Her tutor has experienced the American college methods for instilling disicipline and after giving her a sound OTK spanking she gets the dreaded sorority paddle on her hot red cheeks.


spanked slave silk sistersJoin Sound PunishmentSummer Brookes and Lee Gold are sisters under the skin, and we get to see how close they can be. Both sexily display themselves to the man in their lives and then go over his knees one by one to have their pert and so spankable bottoms blushed pink by his hard hand.


the hell masterJoin Sound Punishment18 year olds Gillian White and Rachel Thomas usually run rings around supply teachers. This time however they meet their match with the supply teacher from Hell - Angels Branch that is! He teaches them to respect teachers and to improve their manners with his hand and slipper on their bare bottoms.


school rules for misty

Join Sound PunishmentMisty Mellows is a slovenly and lazy 6th former at her private school . Rather than take her under his wing her Housemaster decides it would be more beneficial to take her over his knees and administer a heated slippering with his trusty gym shoe before showing her that his school rule, all 3 foot length of hardwood, can instill the school rules into Misty. 18 year old Misty is left sobbing and broken where even puling her panties up over her punished bottom is sheer agony!


The netball coach's revengeJoin Sound PunishmentFollowing on from her being caned by the netball team's sponsor, the team's coach, Mrs McGregor, takes her revenge on 18 year old troublemaker Ashlea O'Connor. The severe and painful bare bottom spanking is just the start of the humiliating punishment she receives as this determined Scots lady goes on to reek havoc on Ashlea's soft pink buttocks with an evil Scottish tawse.


misty paddled for petulanceJoin Sound PunishmentMisty Mellows just does not believe the rules of the household apply to her. Planning to go out she dresses far to provocatively and when challenged her petulance and rudeness earn her a well-deserved OTK spanking followed by a leather paddling that leaves her wailing and weeping. A fantastic spanking film producing genuine tears.


gillian's pussy playtime punishmentJoin Sound PunishmentGillian White gets bored when alone, and when she gets bored her mind turns to sexy thoughts. Her hands stray to her shaven pussy and before long she is wanking herself towards orgasm. This she would have achieved if her husband had not returned early and caught her. The blistering bare bottom spanking he gives her demonstrates that hands can give pain as well as pleasure.


introducing misty our free schoolgirl spanking movieJoin Sound PunishmentIn this film we introduce Misty Mellows, a fabulous and sexy student who loves dressing as a naughty schoolgirl and having her bottom spanked red until she cries. Naughty, cheeky, sassy, sexy and everything a dedicated spankophile wants in a play partner.


free schoolgirl spanking movieJoin Sound PunishmentRachel Thomas is a worriesome schoolgirl, always in trouble and now she faces being sent to the master in charge of discipline. He has every intention of making this 18 year old's visit memorable and proceeds to spank, strap and cane her pert naked buttocks until they are blazing red and she is suitably repentant.

free schoolgirl spanking movie

Join Sound PunishmentGillian White is sent to set up the classroom for Mr Stern's next class. She is caught writing derogatory graffiti on the blackboard and Mr Stern decides that this 18 year old should get an exemplory punishment on her pert and soft bottom. A sound spanking is followed by a dose of the dreaded slipper on her bare and well-reddened cheeks.

a new spanking model interview Join Sound Punishment Gillian White is a petite 4 ft 11 inch 18 year old lady that contacted us wanting to become a spanking model for Sound Punishment. We know how important it is to get the right sort of models and so we arranged an audition shoot with young Gillian. The film is of her audition interview and the spanking she got on her beautiful pert derriere for coming to the interview 'pre-spanked' by her boyfriend.

rachels' late slippering

Join Sound PunishmentRachel Thomas has made them late for dinner with friends. Craig decides he has had enough of her tardiness and she gets a heavy spanking. Her attitude of 'I can take that - no problem!" enrages her husband and he takes a heavy slipper to her reddened cheeks.

caning for the netball coach

Join Sound PunishmentWhen he sponsors a local netball team the businessman expects results. When he does not get them he gives the coach, Annie McGregor, a good spanking, a dose of the tawse and then finishes her off with a bare bottom caning!

sascha's sexy strapping

Join Sound PunishmentSascha Brown thinks she can do as she likes and she has been getting her bottom spanked away from the marital home. Her long-suffering husband shows her that he can supply all the hot bottoms she will need in future!

emmas wrong knickers tanning

Join Sound Punishment18 year old Emma Brown really gets in hot water when she is caught cheating in tests but that is nothing compared with the tanning she gets for flouting the schools's strict uniform rules.

alfresco in france

Join Sound PunishmentWhen the Sound Punishment team go on holiday it is with fellow spankophiles. With all that warm Mediteranean sun on the Cote d'Azur what better way could there be to spend an afternoon but in the pursuit of spanking pleasures by an isolated shepherd's hut.

annie's ten minute tanning

Join Sound PunishmentAnnie McGregor is a wife that needs to know that her man is the boss in the household. And what better way is there than for him to severely spank, tawse and cane her over her white panties and then on her bare bottom.

further time for reflection free spanking movie sampleJoin Sound PunishmentRachel Thomas has not been good since her last punishment for sloppy housekeeping. Her husband is as good as his word and severely spanks, straps and canes her pert bare bottom to a firey red hue.

schoolgirls roleplayJoin Sound PunishmentAnnie McGregor and Julia \pink love nothing better than to relive their school days and dress in their old school uniforms. But playing schools soon turns to girl-on-girl spanking games which become more serious when Annie's husband arrives home and joins in!


naughty nurse spanking movieJoin Sound PunishmentNurses are supposed to be gentle and releave pain in their charges. When Nurse Ashlea O'Connor gives Jason pain whilst tending to his sore ankle he decides that he will prescribe a dose of her own medicine to her. A severe hand then slipper spanking finds them both on the floor!

the lazy aupair spankingJoin Sound PunishmentRachel Thomas and her husband have a harmoneous relationship. He sets the standards and petite Rachel does her best to keep them. Rachel however does not always succeed and he has to remind her of what happens when she lets them slip. She is made to change into a schoolgirl uniform then wait and reflect on her failings before he takes her over his lap and spanks her bare bottom red.

the lazy aupair spankingJoin Sound PunishmentJulia pink thinks that being an aupair for Mr & Mrs Caine is an easy option. She does not have alot to do and so gets into lazy and slipshod ways. She is found, still in her nightie, smoking and drinking in the house by Mrs Caine, who rightly takes things into her own hands. Mr Caine does not wish to left out of the disciplinary fun and punishes both ladies himself.

dealing with the duelling schoolgirl duo free spanking movieJoin Sound PunishmentSummer Brookes and Lee Gold just cannot sit still and behave, they have to find something to argue and fight over. The sexy lingerie catalogue sparks a fight which Summer uses as an excuse to spank Lee. Their landlord interupts this spanking and dishes out his own painful discipline to both the girls.

naughty nikki spanked and strapped on her bare bottomJoin Sound Punishment18 year old Naughty Nikki Potter comes home from school to find that her Headmaster has already told her Uncle all about her misbehaviour. Her Uncle is a firm believer in getting to the bottom of any problem and he bends her over the couch and deals Nikki a serious panties down spanking and strapping.

emily jayne spanked for playing with the boysJoin Sound Punishment18 year old Emily-Jayne likes boys. She likes them so much she is caught by Mr Stern letting some of them 'cop a feel' of her breasts. Mr Stern makes her bottom regret her revealing her upper bodliy charms.

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